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Speedlite 300TL Specs

Speedlite 300TL

Energy-saving, automatic electronic flash unit with pre-flash function. TTL metering function measureing light reflected from the film surface, and an automatic flash output control function using spot metering. Exclusive use for the T90 camera.

Guide number:

  Flash head position
24 mm 35 mm 50 mm 85 mm
M Hi
(ISO 100 • m)
(ISO 100 • m)
(ISO 100 • m)
(ISO 100 • m)
(ISO 100 • ft)
(ISO 100 • ft)
(ISO 100 • ft)
(ISO 100 • ft)
M Lo
(ISO 100 • m)
(ISO 100 • m)
(ISO 100 • m)
(ISO 100 • m)
(ISO 100 • ft)
(ISO 100 • ft)
(ISO 100 • ft)
(ISO 100 • ft)

The above figures are at full charge, i.e. 30 sec. after pilot lam glows with new alkaline or fully charged Ni-Cd batteries.

Flash Coverage Angle:
Covers more than the fields of view of 24 mm, 35 mm, 55 mm, and 85 mm lenses.

Recycling Time:
Alkaline-manganese batteries:Auto: approx. 0.2 tp 13 sec. M Hi: approx. 13 sec.
Ni-Cd batteries: Auto: approx. 0.2 to 6 sec. M Hi: approx. 6 sec.
(Interval between firing of the flash and relighting of pilot lamp with new alkaline or fully charged Ni-Cd batteries.)

Number of flashes:
Alkaline-manganese batteries: approx. 100~700 times.
Ni-Cd batteries: 45~100 times.
(Counted when flash is fired in 30 sec. intervals with new alkaline or fully charged Ni-Cd batteries.)

Flash duration:
Approx. 1/700~1/2000 sec.

Flash Control System:
TTL series control system with pre-flash function. Automatic flash operation in A-TTL and FE-Lock modes.

For Both the A-TTL and FEL Modes

  Shutter speed Aperture value
Shutter-priority AE Set between 30 and 1/250 sec. Automatic setting
(between the maximum and minimum aperture of the lens).
Aperture-priority AE Automatic setting
(30~1/250 sec.)
Set between the maximum and minimum aperture.
Program AE Automatic setting
(1/60~1/250 sec.)
Automatic setting*
(between the maximum and minimum aperture of lens).

*In the FEL Mode, between either f/2 or the maximum and minimum settings of the lens.

Flash Exposure Level Control:
A maximum of 1.5 BV steps in the A-TTL or FEL mode when subject illuminance is more than BV5 according to the center-weighted average metering system of the T90.

Automatic Shooting Distance Range:
(in program mode at ISO 100)

Zoom head:
at 24 mm: 0.5~12.5 m (1.6~41 ft.)
at 35 mm: 0.5~15 m (1.6~49 ft.)
at 50 mm: 0.5~17.5 m (1.6~57.4 ft.)
at 85 mm: 0.5~20 m (1.6~65 ft.)

Film speed setting:
Automatically set by the camera.

Bounce angle:
Upward: 0~90º (click stop positions: 0, 60, 75, 90).
Left side: 0~180º (click stop positions: 0, 60, 75, 90, 120, 150, 180).
Right side: 0~90º (click stop positions: 0, 60, 75, 90).

Power Source:
Four size-AA (LR6) alkaline-manganese or Ni-Cd batteries. SE (Save-Energy) mechanism: Power is automatically turned off after 5 minutes of non-use when the main switch is left on.

Pilot Lamp:
Lights when the flash is ready for use and automatically switches to flash photography. Also used as a test button.

81 (W) × 119.4 (H) × 94 (D) mm.
(3-3/16" × 4-11/16" × 3-11/16")

395g (13-15/16 oz.) body only.


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